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About Our Concept

We are starting as a family owned company. Our family values are  driven by  competition, wealth, responsibility, fairness, and hard work. But on top of them our core family values will always be love, cohesion, self-esteem, and caring. This beautiful business started with a lot of love and passion to help people with the inevitable task of choosing the daily meal  in a nutritional and healthy way. We offer simple recipes totally plant based and with important nutritional ingredients taking care of part of your healthy diet requirements. We are very happy to bring you this alternative for your day to day healthy food choice.

Gluten-Free Granola

Vegan Granola with Flaxseed, Gluten Free, Oil Free and Sugar Free

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Gluten-Free Granola


  • Mary J. - Houston, Texas

    "I love these products, they are my perfect companion every morning after workout"

  • Peter B. - Orlando, Florida

    "Thanks to Jani's Waffles I was able to loose weight without sacrificing my favorite breakfast menu!"

  • Luis S. - New York

    "Great packaging, amazing flavor, reasonable price and great customer service!"

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